Writes of Passage


During this COVID-19 pandemic, LOSS (Loved Ones Suicide Survivors) has been working behind the scenes to develop new ways to expand the availability of support services for those bereaved by suicide loss.  We recognize during this tumultuous time of physical distancing and uncertainty people are in need of additional personable support.   Virtual support group meetings via Zoom have been implemented in place of our live sessions in Anchorage and Murray.  We are planning the addition of 2 new geographic locations for in-person support group meetings.  In the near future, LOSS affiliated survivors will have different levels of participation to choose from ranging from connecting in on our virtual meetings via our LOSS Facebook page, attending live support sessions at a chosen physical locality, or engaging in the activities offered through this new blog site.  By providing our LOSS participants with more choice regarding meeting locations and their desired level of engagement, we will improve our reach to those in rural areas and better meet the needs of our members no matter where they are in their grief journey.


This blog aims to provide supplementary holistic support for the unfathomable bereavement journey initiated from the loss of a dear loved one to suicide.

Blog Framework:

  • This bereavement blog is an online peer led support interaction for sharing grief stories, experiences, emotions, healthy and unhealthy coping skills, and helpful resources and services. This interaction is not a substitute for professional counseling, therapy, or emergency services. 
  • The target audience for this blog is suicide loss survivors or those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Conversely, the blog is not tailored to suicide attempt survivors or those who have survived suicide attempts.
  • The planned subject content is comprehensive including expert interviews, shared lived experiences, a resource directory, wellness suggestions, favorite purchase ideas, book reviews, legislation updates, upcoming relevant community activities and LOSS educational handouts.

Blog Objectives:

Promote a safe and supportive blog environment.

Provide a peer led outlet for unloading difficult emotions and experiencing the pain of the loss.

Facilitate acceptance of the loss of attachment and the reality of the traumatic events.

Give anticipatory guidance that the grief process is unique to each individual and can trigger many different and unexpected emotions and thoughts.

Explore healthy methods for coping and problem solving.

Examine the various manipulative patterns of coping.

Debunk suicide myths.

Eradicate stigma for those who died by suicide, are bereaved by suicide loss, and struggle with mental health issues.

Lend support and encouragement for adjustment to a life without the physical presence of the deceased.

Inspire forward planning to reinvest in a new reality.

Offer structured activities which focus on the present or unite people together to decrease worry and regret and enhance feeling connected.

Administer self-assessment tools to assist in recognizing the difference between grief and other mental conditions.

Review new research findings and theories regarding suicide bereavement support and demonstrate how to apply them.

Teach importance of prioritizing and practicing a positive self-care regimen.

Prevent unhealthy physical, mental, behavioral, social, and spiritual outcomes among suicide grievers.

Link suicide mourners to quality community resources and other healthcare services along the care continuum.

Blog Methodologies:

Expert Counsel:  Podcasts and interviews with leading specialists in the field of suicide grief and trauma.

Special Session – Doctor Is InExpert advice from psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctoral level providers.

Bereavement Research Matters:  Selected research articles demonstrating best evidence-based practices for suicide bereavement.

Hodgepodge Theory Application:  Making sense out of the mumble jumble suicide bereavement journey by analyzing applicability of a patchwork of past and current theories.

Story Board:  Shared personal stories from LOSS board members and facilitators.

In the Now:  Mindfulness activity suggestions.

Good Grief Toolbox:  Written and interactive exercises, surveys and tools.

Pam’s Favorite Mourning Remedies:  Purchase suggestions to support well-being.

Leisure and Therapeutic Reading Nook:  Book and literature reviews.

Legal Help on the Way: Updates on lobbying efforts and new legislation related to suicide and mental health.

LOSS and Found File:  LOSS informative publications and educational materials.

Resource Relief Rolodex:  Affordable, accessible, and quality community and national resources.

Help Hotline Directory:  Emergency contacts numbers and apps.

Odds and Ends Community Calendar:  Notification of upcoming community events with beneficial ways to participate.